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Pistol Magazine Speed Loader

MagLoaders are sold in sets of 3 sizes (Lge., Avg., Sml.) to fit any size thumb. Specify MagLoader quantities for caliber .22 - .32 and/or .380 - .45 ACP.
You may print and mail this form or for your convenience you can order safely online by clicking here.
$5.00 per MagLoader set plus $3.50 S/H. For multiple orders add $0.50 S/H for each add'l set.

Please contact us with any suggestions or comments, and let us know how you discovered Magloader!

QTY .22 - .32:________________ QTY .380 - .45:__________________

S/H:  ____________________________________________________

TOTAL:  _________________________________________________

NAME: __________________________________________________

ADDRESS: _______________________________________________

CITY / STATE / ZIP: _________________________________________

DAYTIME PHONE NUMBER: _________________________________

Allow one week for delivery
Make check(s) payable to:
PO Box 82
Cresson, TX 76035

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